What is your skin type?

oily skin 1
If the above applies to you then you have combination skin…

Combination skin is characterised by a tendency to oiliness down the centre of the face and a tendency to dryness on the cheeks

oily skin 2

Do you find your facial skin tends to be greasy, perhaps even blackhead and spot prone all over? Does your makeup tend to ‘slide off’ ?

The chances are…. As you’ve probably guessed, you have oily skin. This basically means your skin over produces sebum


oily skin 2

Is your skin prone to dryness… even flakiness at times?

Yup you’ve guessed it… you have dry skin


These are just the three basic skin types however there are many variations and you can sometimes go from one to another depending on your environment, the weather, your age, circumstances and even stress levels. Here at Team BB, we have many Certified Beauty Advisors as well as qualified skincare experts at your disposal. Myself I have been in the beauty industry for over 28 years so if you have concerns and you’d like a ‘deep dive’ into your skin type and how Avon and BB can help you drop me a line and let’s get started…..

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I can offer you a FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation and here at Avon we have such a wide range of award winning skincare available to you we are bound to find a solution to your concerns.

Contact me today and let’s get started: www.team-bb.co.uk

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