Don’t Become An Avon Rep in the UK Without Reading This First

Are you considering Becoming an Avon Rep to Earn More Money but would like to know more before you commit?

Have you heard of people doing quite well selling Avon?

Conversely you might have heard the odd person saying “don’t bother with that – it’s rubbish!”

Don’t Want Any Unexpected Surprises? Read on ……………

The first thing I should probably point out is that there is a starter kit to order. However, it’s important to note that you don’t actually need to pay for the starter pack for the first 13 days. Even then, once you hit a £100 sales target in the month, you’ll get a refund on the £10 kit , (which is actually worth £15). Even better, if you hit £150 of sales in the first month and you use the ultimate kit (which is £30 but has a value of over £90) in your first month, you also get refunded. This essentially makes it FREE!!

As an Avon Representative in the UK, you will get a free online store from which you canpromote your Avon Products. You simply share the link countrywide and any potential customers can place their orders with you regardless of where they live in the UK because Avon’s courier will make the delivery on your behalf. Once the customer has shopped with you, they will generally stay with you. This is a fantastic development which has catapulted Avon selling into the 21st Century. Another great feature that you will automatically have access to once you have joined Avon UK is the AvonOn app.

This “AvonOn” app contains tailored support and advice from Avon’s Award winning Training Team. Training from how to fill in your order forms right up to how to promote yourself through the levels. You’ll also find a clever weekly virtual brochure in the app. You can also share the link to this, with customers able to choose whether they send their order directly to you or whether they pay at the checkout and delivery is done on your behalf.

Another important thing to be aware of when Joining Avon in the UK is the training… you can even now become A Certified Avon Beauty Advisor where you’ll be in a position to advise your customers on their skincare regime and how to apply their makeup! You get to do an online course followed up by a day course, at the end of which you’ll get certificates, pins etc to help you advertise your new qualifications.

If you do decide to Join us, my advice to you as an experienced leader would be to try a little bit of everything. Invest in quite a lot of brochures, maybe as many as 100-200 so that you can cover lots of ground. If you don’t have the time to do that obviously order less. Make sure you’re sharing the link to your online store and online brochure with everyone you know on a regular basis. Remember you’re offering people the opportunity to purchase fabulous quality products at amazing prices!!

Avon Brochures

Your Avon Brochure lasts for 1 month. You will be able to put the brochure out as often as suits you across the course of the month. It really depends on how many customers you want to find and how much money you want to make from the door-to-door side of things. As you probably know the Avon brochures are full of award winning products that are great quality yet great value too!

You Don’t Have to Sell Using the Brochures these days…..

I pass my brochures around on my local area and that is a great way to gain customers but it’s not obligatory. As mentioned above, you also now have a Free Online Store and Free Online Brochures to share with your customers, family, friends, work colleagues, friends of friends, local shops etc. in fact ALL OVER THE UK!! The list is endless and I think that one of the best things is that Avon is so well known so it’s not at all a “hard sell”

You may find at first that if you decide to cover your nearby roads it can be time consuming. This is simply because you are getting started. Once you’ve fully established your ’round’, it becomes much quicker.

So as you can see, because of the way you Join Avon (with 2 weeks to pay for your starter kit) if you are serious about earning money, you really do have nothing to worry about but of course if you still have concerns I am happy for you to drop me a line for a chat.

Remember that if you Join Here you will get a free additional startup kit PLUS access to all
of our Team-BB exclusive facebook communities and Whatsapp groups as well as our
very own training calls and meetings!
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