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  Sounds impossible? It’s really not!! While you’re busy doing other things, selling with a globally recognised company whose products are popular, consumables, and well known is something thousands of people are doing every day!!  Just ask the money saving expert who advocates becoming a Representative with this company as a bona fide way of earning those extra pennies that we all do sorely need at the moment.…

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Are you considering Becoming an Avon Rep to Earn More Money but would like to know more before you commit? Have you heard of people doing quite well selling Avon? Conversely you might have heard the odd person saying “don’t bother with that – it’s rubbish!” Don’t Want Any Unexpected Surprises? Read on …………… The first thing I should probably point out is that there is a starter…



If the above applies to you then you have combination skin… Combination skin is characterised by a tendency to oiliness down the centre of the face and a tendency to dryness on the cheeks Do you find your facial skin tends to be greasy, perhaps even blackhead and spot prone all over? Does your makeup tend to ‘slide off’ ? The chances are…. As you’ve probably guessed, you…


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