Become a Sales Rep

If you want freedom in your career, the ability to earn as much or as little money as you want and the opportunity to build a successful brand, becoming an Avon Representative may be the perfect career choice for you to consider.

As an Avon Rep, you can work full-time, part-time or even simply in your spare time, it’s completely up to you! Even better, you get to work this flexible schedule from the comfort of your own home, putting your firmly in control of your own work. While you don’t need any qualifications to build a successful career with Avon, you can gain a beauty qualification while focusing on your work as a Sales Rep.

You’ll also benefit from our experienced, award-winning and wholly supportive group here at Team BB. We’ll even provide you with a free starter kit when you join with us to help you start as you mean to go on.

By running your Avon career your way, you’ll get out as much as you choose to put into it. If you’re simply looking to earn some extra cash on the side, that’s absolutely fine. Alternatively, if you’re looking to smash sales record after sales record, we’d love that as well!

Once you’re an established Sales Representative, you may want to become a Sales Team Leader and continue your fruitful Avon journey. You can learn more about the role here.

I’d love to see you join our team as a Sales Rep. If you’re interested in working alongside Team BB, simply fill in the contact form below and enjoy the beginning of your Avon adventure.

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