Become a Sales Leader

The idea of running a successful business your own way often sounds like an unattainable goal for many people.

However, by working with Avon as a Sales Leader, you’ll quickly find that this target is absolutely achievable, allowing you to make a great living playing by your own rules.

As a Sales Leader you can earn higher rates of commission and have the chance to build, grow and nurture your own team of Avon Representatives. Even better, you’ll also have access to more lucrative and exclusive awards and benefits from Avon as your business succeeds. You’ll need to already be an Avon Sales Representative if you wish to make the step up. You’ll begin to recruit other Sales Representatives to join your team.

With the required attitude and desire to succeed, anyone can become a Sales Leader. The role tends to be more demanding than that of a Sales Rep, meaning that it may not be for everybody. But it can still be done either part-time alongside your other job, hobbies and family life, or on a full-time basis

By joining Team BB as a Sales Leader, you’ll benefit from all of my support when building your team and I’ll be on hand to provide you with guidance to help you get the most from your Avon business.

Are you interested in becoming an Avon Sales Leader with Team BB? Fill in the contact form below and I’ll be in touch to help you get started. If you’d prefer to be an Avon Sales Representative, you can learn more about this role here.

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