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Welcome to Team BB! My name is Bernadette Broadley. What do I do? On the surface you’d be right in saying that I sell Avon and I recruit reps and leaders into my business, but this little business of mine, this huge passion is so much more than that. I started back in 2011 with a small ambition to build a little business; little did I know the journey I would embark on …. and it’s still unfolding.


Over the last 12 years, I’m incredibly proud to say that my beautiful business has given people:

  • PURPOSE where there was none
  • CONFIDENCE where it has been lost
  • COMMUNITY to be a part of
  • INCOME opportunity at ALL levels
  • EXTRA MONEY to supplement their current income to pay for all those little extras like Christmas presents, school uniforms, new washing machines etc.
  • OPPORTUNITIES for SELF-DEVELOPMENT with our award-winning training
  • SELF-FULFILLMENT whilst building a business of their very own, earning holidays and more
  • CHANCE to MEET PEOPLE if you’re new to an area and/or feeling lonely or a little lost

  • SELF-SATISFACTION knowing that what you do is helping others … whether it’s grabbing a quality product for a fabulous price, or helping someone else embark on their very own special Avon journey as they build a team of their own

I don’t know quite why but Avon always has stood out from the crowd.

From when David H McConnell founded it in 1886, Avon has been synonymous with giving people an earning opportunity where there was none and helping some awesome charities such as Refuge, Coppafeel and the Crusade against Breast Cancer.

I feel so proud to be working in partnership with this amazing company and privileged to have some absolutely awesome ladies and gents in my Avon Team of Business Builders! And I get PAID for this too…… WOW!!

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Are you interested in joining our prestigious group here at Team BB? Sign up today and begin your wonderful Avon journey!


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