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Here at Team BB, we know better than anyone that joining Avon as a Sales Rep or Sales Leader can be the instant catalyst you need to help conquer the next stage of your career goals. Our ambitious, award-winning team is full of motivated people from all walks of life that thrive on constantly being the best version of themselves, and we’d love to see you join us.


Team BB?

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  • By joining Team BB, you can enjoy our FREE starter kit, exclusive to our distinguished team
  • Work with Avon at your own pace, alongside the backing of our experienced, award-winning group.
  • We’ll give you ALL the training and support you need to help you hit your goals
  • No qualifications are needed to get started, and Team BB can help you to gain a beauty qualification


That’s entirely up to you. Once we help you get started, you can start earning from the first product you sell. There is no ceiling to what you can achieve with Avon if you are willing to put the work in.

You can sell as much, or as little, as you’d like. Everybody has different goals and strategies they use to achieve them; we are equally supportive to every member of our team.

Of course! We want to see you flourish and conquer all of your sales targets. Never be afraid to come to us with any queries or problems – we’ll always be on hand to support you.

Whether you want to be a Sales Rep or a Sales Leader, you can sign up to achieve your Avon dreams with Team BB by filling in our contact form today.



My name is Shahnaz. I’m an Avon Sales Leader My journey started when my oldest daughter before COVID asked me to find a job.  I said like what and she said “join Avon” So I did…since then I have hugely expanded my business. I didn't want to become a sales leader, but Karen and Georgina showed me how this could [...]

Shahnaz Hussain

Miranda Goodjohn

I’m so proud to be part of Avon with Team BB. As a busy mum and beauty therapist it works perfectly around me.   The products are actually amazing and I really couldn’t imagine my life without them now.  Our team is hard working and so supportive to each other.  I’m so glad I joined - it really is the [...]

Miranda Goodjohn


Sales Rep


Sales Leader


Avon is proud to support a range of important worldwide causes through its ongoing fundraising efforts. Take a look at some of the charities that we champion.

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  Sounds impossible? It’s really not!! While you’re busy doing other things, selling with a globally recognised company whose products are popular, consumables, and well known is something thousands of people are doing every day!!  Just ask the money saving expert who advocates becoming a Representative with this company as a bona fide way of earning those extra pennies that we all do sorely need at the moment.…

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Are you considering Becoming an Avon Rep to Earn More Money but would like to know more before you commit? Have you heard of people doing quite well selling Avon? Conversely you might have heard the odd person saying “don’t bother with that – it’s rubbish!” Don’t Want Any Unexpected Surprises? Read on …………… The first thing I should probably point out is that there is a starter…


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